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Backyard poultry is becoming more popular in suburban areas. The gardens usually house a small chicken coop with only a few hens, maybe a rooster. Chicken produce eggs and are very intelligent, social animals, that can be a part of the family for up to 8-10 years. But they - as any other animal - can get sick, which can cause a change in their behaviour, movement, appetite or how they lay their eggs.

At our clinic we have the opportunity to investigate ill poultry with wide ranging examination methods that include radiographs, blood analysis, endoscopic examination, and parasitic examination. If the results necessitate surgery, our clinic is equipped to perform these on poultry as well. If they need complicated treatment, we offer hospitalisation as we have an area at the clinic specially designed for the hospital care of ill poultry.

We do not treat farm animals in stock, only poultry that are kept as pets.

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