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In our clinic we are only able to take in rescued wildlife if they come through a rescue organisation!

In the city and around it we can frequently encounter many different kinds of wild animals, and sometimes these animals are in trouble - they are wounded, trapped, orphaned or sick. These animals usually get help from animal rescue organisations, but if they need medical care they are brought to us. The wild animals that arrive at our clinic are later cared for by organisations, or in case of endangered animals, they go to wildlife centers, once they are provided with the necessary medical intervention or emergency treatment. Our final goal is always to be able to release these animals back into nature.

If you find a wild animal that need help please contact these organisations:


Bunny Rescue

Fióka és Madármentés Bird Rescue

Sünbarát Alapítvány Hedgehog Rescue

Állatmentő Szolgálat

Animal Rescue

Tollas Barát Bird Rescue

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